Founders Letter

If you are reading this its because your curiosity kicked in and you want to find out how these things work!

Hi, I'm Jess the Founder of Jess Period, a line of handmade menstruation products that are researched and developed all the way to your hands from my home. I switched to reusable pads now over 2 years ago and I never want back to using disposable products. Why? Because my experience was so great that I never wanted to  have a plastic product near my vulva again. 

I also discovered the power that comes in owning my period and choosing something for myself that is good for my health. I've mentioned  this a couple of times: by choosing our period products with full consciousness we are regaining agency of our bodies. When I first got my period I was never offered options (not even the tampon) and this makes me think what other aspects in my life has the world only offered me a limited array of options and therefore has my life been affected because options were never offered to me. By choosing our period products and knowing our options I hope menstruators have a better chance to have a better quality of life. When we get to choose and when we get to compare options we are slowly building empowerment into other aspects of our life's.

What we don't have is the luxury of picking if we get a period or not and why not make this aspect of our life's a lot more positive and a lot more enjoyable by using products that are not only cute, but comfortable!

Lastly I'd like to share with you that I grew up in a household full of girls and I suffered from period poverty but I didn't learn of this term until a few years ago. Aside from lack of education, I'm certain this is also due to the lack of conversations around what menstruation is. With Jess Period I am aiming to bring these conversations to life and make them a common conversation topic specially in families of color.

Thank you for being here,