Why Reusable Pads?

First and Foremost, because of your health and period wellness. Reusable pads are a healthier option compared to a disposable products because they do not contain parabens, fragrances, glue or chlorine. 

Second, comfort. When I thought about providing this option my main objective was for the product to be comfortable. Rashes are no joke and having to go around our life's with a product that causes irritation, sweat and sticks to my skin was something I was no longer willing to go through. I have personally tested the materials that you will be using to ensure they are comfortable and while some of us in the past never used pads with wings, the wings on reusable pads will be unnoticeable due to the softness of the fabric.

Third, as the world moves closer to irreparable global warming damage, some menstruators are growing more conscious on their footprint. A menstruator will use over 10,000 disposable period products during their lifetime and this can take up 500-800 years to decompose. While the menstrual cup and menstrual disc are the direct replacement of a tampon, the disposable pad has as option the reusable cloth pad. The existence of the reusable cloth pad is very important to menstruators including myself because not everyone can insert something inside their vaginas for personal and health reasons.

Reusable products have additional benefits and can help make your period better like reducing your cramps, readjusting your period cycle to what it naturally should have been (if you are curious about this, learn more about how the ingredients in disposable products can increase your flow causing a vicious circle of the menstruator having to waste more money in product), money savings on the long run specially if you are naturally a heavy bleeder, no rashes or irritation and most importantly a way to be more comfortable during our period days.